Landlord/Tenant Evictions

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California Landlord Tenant Law Attorney
Residential and Commercial Evictions Lawyer

Real estate represents a major investment. When someone rents property and then fails to meet the lease agreement, that investment needs the protection of the law. At the Law Offices of Michael E. Marquez, our California landlord/tenant law attorneys represent rental property owners and property managers in eviction proceedings.

Responsive, Personalized Eviction Services

Contact a real estate lawyer who knows California real estate law well. Our real estate law firm handles real estate legal concerns quickly and efficiently.

Landlord/Tenant Eviction Matters

Your rental property is a significant investment. When a tenant violates the lease (by creating a nuisance property or failing to pay rent), your investment is at risk. Our California landlord/tenant law attorney will take quick, effective action on your behalf.

Eviction proceedings are precise and exacting. A small error can require starting the process again, delaying your access to your own property. Having handled thousand of evictions for landlords and property managers, evictions lawyer Michael Marquez knows the process and the law.

You invested in rental property in order to make money. When a commercial tenant or residential tenant fails to pay rent or lowers the value of your property by damaging it or creating a nuisance, you need to regain your property and its investment potential as soon as possible. Our evictions attorney can help.

For personalized legal services and effective representation in Northern California courts, call the Law Offices of Michael E. Marquez. Contact an experienced Bay Area eviction lawyer.