Child Support & Spousal Support

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California Child Support and Spousal Support Attorney San Mateo County • San Francisco Bay Area

If you are going through a divorce, you may be worried about your financial situation. At the Burlingame, California, law offices of Michael E. Marquez, our attorneys strive to ease your financial worries during divorce by negotiating fair child support and spousal support plans.

How much child support will be involved in your divorce? California has a complex child support calculation formula involving parenting time, assets, income, and other factors. Our San Mateo County child support attorneys will help you understand the law and your rights and obligations.

Responsive, Personalized Family Law Services

Child support, spousal support or alimony agreements can be negotiated through mediation. This method often leads to plans that are acceptable to both parties and are less subject to change. As a trained mediator, attorney Michael Marquez can either provide you legal counsel in mediation, or serve as the mediator in your negotiations.

Under certain circumstances, child support and spousal maintenance agreements can be modified. Changes to agreements may occur if one spouse has a significant change in income, perhaps due to the loss of a job or a second marriage. If you need to alter your original support plan, our San Mateo family law attorneys will help you through the process.

For personalized legal services and effective representation in Northern California courts, call the Law Offices of Michael E. Marquez. Contact us to speak with an experienced family law attorney.