Child Custody & Visitation

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San Mateo County Child Custody and Visitation Lawyer Parenting Plans • Modifications

When a divorce involves minor children, parents may disagree about who will be the custodial parent. When you come to the Law Offices of Michael E. Marquez, our child custody lawyer will listen to your concerns, explain the law, and explain your options.

Responsive, Personalized Family Law Services

It is important for both parents to maintain a healthy, supportive relationship with the children. If you are involved in a legal custody or physical custody dispute, we will give you an experienced evaluation of the process and the likely outcomes.

You may decide to settle an agreement through mediation rather than in court. Whatever your decision, child custody lawyer and trained mediator Michael Marquez will protect your rights and interests. We will help you negotiate a parenting plan that fits the needs of your family.

Circumstances may arise that require modifications to the original joint custody or shared custody plan, including:

  • Older child desires a different plan
  • Domestic abuse
  • Change in income
  • Parent relocates

Grandparents Rights

Parenting time or visitation is an important matter that should be given careful consideration. If you are a grandparent, you have visitation rights, too. We can help you negotiate a visitation plan or, failing that, ask the family court to recognize your grandparent rights.

For personalized legal services and effective representation in Northern California courts, call the Law Offices of Michael E. Marquez. Contact an experienced South Bay divorce and family law attorney.